17 October 2010

Maison Scotch

A few of my favorite photos from Maison Scotch's fall/winter 2010 collection. You can see their collection here and their webstore here.

7 October 2010

stags & deers

1. decorative deer head, 2. 'oh deer' screen print, 3. stag jumper,
4. silver deer horn ring, 5. stag bag charm, 6. stag head necklace, 7. stag cushion,
8. stag print t-shirt

6 October 2010

victorian photographs

I love this little collection of Victorian photos. I got them for £2.40 from ebay. A few of them have first names written on the back of them, the big green one says 'me!' I do love them but it is a great shame they have been separated from their family.

3 October 2010

Cath Kidston

I love the antique fair setting for these photos!

Images from Cath Kidston magazine, 'The Vintage Issue'
Photography: Clare Shilling
Styling: Hannah Read-Baldrey